art 1 final porfolio

1. I enjoyed this project, because I could work with sculpting as well as painting.

2. This is definitley the project that I liked the least. Even though it wasn't my favorite, I learned the most from it. I started out not knowing anything about photoshop, and ended up making this masterpiece.

3. On this project, I used my contour drawing skills and it turned out really well. I feel like I have grown as an artist from before I was enrolled in this class because you have taught me so many new things about art.

4. I feel that this project was the least important because even though we carved the shape out of the block, all we really had to do was press it on paint and push it onto paper. It probably would have been different if we kept the block and painted it like inverted value or something.

5. I think that this project reflects me, even though its just a picture off the internet, its a picture of a hot girl and i love hot girls. Also the colors I used are two of my favorite colors.

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