art 2 final portfolio

  1. I believe that my mixed media project was the best, by far. The theme of the project was anything that amuses you, so I decided to have a land where in the sky was my favorites band's symbol, and dragons in their natural habitat.
  2. The project in which I overcame most obstacles was definitely my portrait, because I was out of school for a while and came back to the project late. The plan was to use skittles for our project, which we tried to do, but we ate too many of them, and we didn't have enough to finish the whole project so we had to use the m&ms that I brought one day. I think these obstacles made me a better artist, because it showed that I can work under pressure.
  3. Two peices of art that I feel show my growth are my mixed media, and my triceratops. The reason my mixed media shows my growth, is because it is a new form of art that I have decided was my favorite. and the triceratops shows how good I have gotten at my shading and mixing of colors.
  4. I think that the choice of different medias was a great thing for this class, because it is good to be able to control what your art work is made of. If I couldn't choose what my mixed media was use with, it would never have turned out so beautiful.

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